Saturday, July 10, 2010


Do you ever ask yourself this? I do all of the time! It really makes you think what WOULD Jesus do! Would He do this or would He not? My friend left her WWJD bracelet here at my house and every time I looked at it I thought WOW I really need to get my act together and do what the Lord would do.... not just what my flesh wants to do! In every situation and circumstance we need to ask our self is this what the Lord would do, say or react. Why you may ask? Because the world is watching and to many we are the only Jesus they will ever see!


  1. WWJD? Well, right now he would give you a big hug and say, "Well said!"

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  3. Did you know...This saying was first penned over 100 years ago in a best selling-book called "In His Steps" by Charles Monroe Sheldon. It was written to awaken dispassionate Christians. There is more information on the book and author and you can also download the book for free. It is easy reading. Just go to this website

    Thanks Grace for writting this on your blog or I would not have had the interest to look it up. Love ya